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VETRESKA Pet Carrier with Stickers and 2 Mats, Pet Bag Trolley Case

A new way of pets out of the street, liberating the owner’s shoulders and necks
2.Breathable holes can reach into hand to comfort pets or feed them
Choose 2 styles——transparent/ translucent
The cotton pad with long fur,comfortable and warm
The cool pad is more suitable for summer


Watering can*1
Filled with detergentand water
The mixture ratio isabout 1:20

Use a watering can to spray a mixture of detergent and water on the
Tear off the sticker and spray the mix-ture, avoid the em-barrassment of deformation after sticking
Cover the sticker on the case and move it to a suitable position
Use a scraper or card to scrape out the bubbles and water left and right
wait for the deter-gent and water to evaporate, the sticker will stick firmly!

VETRESKA Pet Trolley Case User Guide
Make the cat familiarize with the cat bag in advance
It is important to familiarize cats with cat bags usually, try not to put the cat bag away but in a familiar environment for cats let it know that the bags are part of the home
You can also put the towels, blankets, or items with the smell of the owner in the bag
At the same time, use snacks and toys to reward cats who actively enter the cat bag
Keep fasting
Stop feeding cats three hours before going out
1. It can avoid car motion sickness in cats
2. Reduce cat vomiting and defecation caused by fear and stress
3. Make your snack rewards more effective
Avoid cat motion sickness
some cats will have motion sickness behaviors such as licking, drooling, and vomiting are common phenomena of cat motion sickness
the owner can negotiate with the doctor to provide motion sickness medicine for the cat to prevent cats from having adverse reactions due to motion sickness

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