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Cheerble Wicked Mouse Endless Fun For Cat

Hidden button design
Set a unique button for the mouse nose, easy for cat parents to turn on. The hidden button design ensures the simple and beautiful appearance of the cute running mouse.

Automatic running mouse for cat's amusement
Wicked Mouse allows cats to play with it for about 40 minutes. To ensure the rest time for cats and prevent from cats exhaustion, it will automatically enter the sleep mode after playing for every 10 minutes. It also ensure the long endurance of Wicked Mouse.

Smart algorithm controls to keep your cat active
Depends on the smart algorithm, this running mouse will not get stuck in front of the obstacle or wall, which can make cats play and chase continuously.

Colorful blink tail attracts cats to chase
The mouse blink tail is a light strip, which is connected with RGB lights. When the mouse is moving, its various colorful lights will attract cats to chase.

Running mouse with a cute shape
As we all know, cat has the hunting behaviour. The design of cute mouse shape is in line with cats’ sport and hunting habits, so it provides cats with enough attraction to meet their curiosity.

Rechargeable battery&Safe materials
The rechargeable battery is environmental friendly, it costs about 1 hour to be fully charged. Pawrents can charge it with included cable, plus it costs less than regular battery replacement.Adopting sturdy, durable and environmental friendly materials, which are certificated by RoHS.

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