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August 21, 2023 3 min read


If you want to train your cat to use cat litter, pay attention to the following points:

1.First prepare a suitable litter box for the cat. If the cat is about a month old, a shallow cat litter box must be placed, preferably at a height that the cat can enter with a lift of its legs, to ensure that the cat can enter and exit freely. (For example, the lid of a shoe box is suitable for use.) Cats generally have the ability to jump when they are two months old. At this time, a slightly higher litter box or a closed cat toilet can be used. Cats older than three months can use a normal-sized litter box. 


  1. The cat litter box is best placed in aclean, concealed and well-ventilated environment. Cats are different from dogs in this regard. Cats like to go to the bathroom in a quiet place and don’t like being watched by others. If the cat is under two months old, it is best not to place the litter box too far away from the kitten's nest, and it can be placed in the same room. But don't put it with the cat's rice bowl. Cats like to clean very much. They don't like to have any connection between poop and eating place.



  1. Immediately after the cat enters the house, take the cat into the litter box, let it know that there is a place where it can defecate, hold the cat's small paw and scratch it on the litter box, let it get familiar with the familiar environment. For some smarter cats, tell it this time, and it will be convenient here in the future. In the few days after the cat comes in, put the cat in the litter box when the cat just wakes up from sleep or just after eating, to impress it.




  1. If the cat already defecates anywhere, don’t scold it, let alone punish the cat physically. Otherwise, it will make the cat feel fearful, which may cause the cat to choose a more secluded place to defecate, such as under the bed or the corner of the sofa. Once you find that the cat defecates anywhere, you can use paper towels to get some poop and put it in the litter box. The cat's sense of smell is very sensitive, so it will think that there is a connection between this place and the poop, so let it stay in the litter box for a while. If the cat can't cover up the poop, hold its little paws and scratch some cat litter to bury the poop. If the first poop is not properly buried, put the cat in the litter box again and it will continue to bury. The next time you find that the cat shows signs of wanting to defecate anywhere, repeat the above method. Smart cats will learn it quickly, and generally can use the litter box correctly after a few days.



  1. Be sure to clean any areas where your cat has pooped. Cats hate the smell of orange peel and lemon. You can spray lemon juice or put orange peel on the place where it used to defecate until the cat gets used to using the litter box.


  1. After the cat uses the litter box to defecate, rewards should be given in time. The best thing is of course food. Cats are also a typical foodie~ Before the cat gets used to using the litter box to go to the toilet, rewards should be given every time. Such a smart cat knows that this behavior can get food.



  1. Keep the litter box clean. This is extremely important. It is recommended to replace the cat litter every two weeks and clean the litter box. You can use a softer detergent and warm water to scrub the cat litter box, and it is best to put it outside to bask in the sun, which can play a role in sterilization. If there are many cats at home or there is no time to clean, you can consider using an automatic cat litter machine. Timely and automatic cleaning will not produce peculiar smell at the same time, it also provides a clean environment for the cat, and can also monitor the cat's pooping situation through the APP, and always pay attention to the health of the cat

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It takes a process to train cats to use cat litter. You must be patient with cats, otherwise the master may pee on your bed when he is angry~






Richard Liu
Richard Liu

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