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Cheerble Intelligent Interactive Dog Toy Ball 3 Modes Rechargeable Wicked Ball SE

Novel and Really Smart Interactive Dog Toys: Cheerble Wicked Ball SE has 3 modes: passive, normal and gentle mode. Upon being turned on, it will automatically move, shake or bounce among which you can switch to fit for different dog plays. At the meantime, the LED lights will on, which can grab the dog's attention.When you want to take a rest but your pet is still full of energy, this is the right choice for you.

Smart Electric Dog Toys: With an intelligent built-in obstacle avoidance sensor, Wicked Ball SE runs in random directions and moves away when it hits a wall, furniture, or other obstacles, keeping your Dog excited by remaining unpredictable. Wicked Ball SE can run on any type of hard floor such as marble, wood, tils floor, etc. (Note: not recommended for shag like pile carpet, rug).

BPA-free and Dog-Friendly Material: We care for our dogs like babies, we want them to be happy and healthy. Dogs like biting, chewing,and licking their toys, Cheerble Wicked Ball SE is made durably from materials (Natural Rubber+TPU) which are safe and non-toxic.

Cheerble smart teasing toy is BPA-free, durable, safe and low noise.
Ideal for Small-Medium Breeds: Wicked Ball SE is 2.2 inches in diameter that is suitable for dogs weighing up to 35 lbs. We suggest your supervision during the fun play and instruct your dog how to interact properly instead of just chewing on it.

Timing Function: Cheerble Wicked Ball SE offers 10 minutes of active play and goes to rest mode for 30 minutes (Touch to wake up) to keep your dogs a good play-rest balance. Also, one hour of charging supports 4 hours of playing.

Accidental touch protection: to prevent your dogs from accidentally turning off / on the toy, it needs a little bit of strength to press the button. If you find it difficult to turn it on with one hand, please place both knuckles on the button and press it for 3 seconds.

Customer Service: If you need any help or have any inquiries, feel free to contact us and we will surely provide a satisfactory solution in a timely manner.

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