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VETRESKA Cat Condo House Cat Scratcher Cardboard, Scratching Box

Bring you and your cat closer together
ln the past cats live in tree holes or cavesin the wild.
Holes and boxes can give them a sense of security.

VETRESKA Cheese Cat Scratching Pad Box
A perfect gift for cats!
A hidden box that cats love from birth
Our scratching box is your perfect choice
Refuse to be stuffy
Breathable and comfortable sense of security for cats
Can scratch, have fun, and sleep

Who we are
Our team is a close-knit family of designers, artists, and pet-lovers, plus a few very spoiled kitties. We have a shared passion for thoughtful living and beautiful design and make all our products with empathy – empathy for your needs and empathy for the needs of your furry friends.

Step 1:
You will receive a triangular scratching pad, which needs to be placed at the bottom of the cheese box
Step 2:
Open the outer carton, use double-sided adhesive tape to connect and reinforce the box
Step 3:
Use the carton buckle for splicing
Step 4:
Now your cat will get an exclusive cheese box that can scratch and sleep inside

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