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Smart Sensing Sunflower Cat Toy Automatic Cat Stick

1. This sunflower cat toy is made of high-quality material, which is drop-proof, bite-resistant, safe and reliable, and durable.
2. Automatic standby, the cat will run automatically as soon as it touches, reducing consumption. If it is not touched for a long time, it will automatically stand by and reduce energy consumption.
3. Each sunflower petal is a hole with a built-in cat funny stick. After the machine is started, the cat-friendly stick will randomly appear in the hole to interact with the cat, stimulating the cat's hunting instinct.
4. Daily entertainment and anxiety relief: These cat toys are designed to provide cat with enough fun to help them relieve anxiety and reduce their destructive behavior, such as biting on the sofa, shoes, other furniture, etc.
5. Multifunctional cat toy: This is a multifunctional cat toy. This toy can bring multiple fun to the cat.

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