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Smart Litter Box Litter Waste Bags - 2 Rolls (30 Counts) Compatible with Newest Self Cleaning Cat Litter Box 70*50cm

【DRAWSTRING CLOSURE DESIGN】: Our automatic cat litter box bags have convenient drawstring closures that prevent the litter from exposing, and the smell overflows. The drawstring design also helps to hold as much trash as possible, while mini litter liners without drawstrings often have 20% or even 30% wasted capacity. The drawstring allows for quick and effortless closure by simply pulling and tying it, eliminating the need for knots or complex tying methods.
【PREMIUM QUALITY】: The self cleaning cat litter box bags are made of high-quality soft pure LDPE material, which is flexible and durable. The ultra-thick 1.2mil bags are 40% thicker than other bags, offering excellent stretchability and characteristics such as puncture resistance, leak resistance, and tear resistance. They can handle heavy loads without compromising their integrity and withstand pressure without breaking or deforming, effectively preventing garbage leakage.

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